Create a collection of your Blockchain trading cards or tokens representing anything such as music tracks or exclusive videos inside a COVAL PACK (i.e. PACK.MYCARDS) and the pack will be published and viewable online and in apps/games. Reveal either all, some or none of the cards and optionally configure purchase options (buy now, auction, pwyw, free etc).

The COVAL PACK service will facilitate secure transport of bundled tokens that could represent trading cards from projects such as Spells of Genesis or Rare Pepe or access to music and other media. A token card can represent anything you want. Your registered pack name and associated wallet can be reused and is not transferred with the tokens in the pack when it is purchased.

COVAL PACKs can have a dynamic price set based on an associated COVAL PRISM that can be automatically generated from the contents of the PACK.