COVAL Overview

The COVAL Platform is being developed with a primary purpose of moving value such as crypto assets using “off-chain” methods. In other words, native crypto assets and tokens from other public and private blockchains enter the COVAL Sidechain Network where they can be flexibly, affordably and securely transacted using trustless models.

The focus of our technology revolves around the concept of sending "wallets" or "vaults" (containers of tokens and other forms of value) which are represented by Sidechain Assets called Emblems. Emblem Vault is our dedicated product under development.

emblem is defined as…

Something which represents a larger whole.

It is also synonymous with “token”.

Emblem Vaults can contain multiple types and amounts of tokens bundled into a single sendable asset. They also can contain arbitrary data and files that represent other forms of value.


COVAL Overview

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