Shapeshift Prism is a new service that is based on Ethereum Smart Contracts and an Oracle price data feed managed by Shapeshift. COVAL PRISM is an integration that will provide enhanced crypto asset portfolios.

With COVAL PRISM, you could create a tradable token representing either your full Prism Portfolio or issue shares as tokens and split any profits from the portfolio with holders of your PRISM token.
You will also be able to generate a PRISM from a COVAL PACK and vise versa. Creating a COVAL PRISM would cost some â‚¡OVAL + the Shapeshift fees.

COVAL would provide a marketplace for Prism Portfolios on website. This site would also handle the creation of Shapeshift Prism Portfolios and offer an API similar to Shapeshifts. Over time, this website will be enhanced with charts and reports and a leaderboard. We would also integrate the ability to create or purchase related COVAL PACKs (as an Emblem Asset). PRISM and PACK would be closely connected services.