COVAL Sidechains

COVAL uses other blockchain platforms and deploys purposeful sidechains on them. Our default ledger technology is Multichain ( because it is based on Bitcoin which is also what Counterparty platform is integrated with. In other types of sidechains, we use Kadena ( a highly scalable BFT consensus blockchain platform that includes smart contract support. And in some other cases, we use Ethereum. There are also various second layer solutions that we can leverage if deemed logical. COVAL is blockchain agnostic.

All COVAL Sidechains interoperate with each other and can also interface with other public and private blockchain networks using various methods including a continuation of the work described here.

To understand the purpose of each COVAL Sidechain, it helps to view them in their domain name format with descriptions.

COVAL also can support the creation of custom currencies via a "Circuit Jumper" sidechain. We will publish more info on that soon. Here is a simple diagram illustrating how it would relate to the custom currency service.


IOracle Specification and description