A COVAL Side Project

VOCAL is COVAL's decentralized social content publishing system that is currently setup as a federated node (instance) running on Mastodon and a Chat community on Matrix which can be accessed at https://riot.im/app/?#/group/+vocal:matrix.org

VOCAL puts emphasis on audio content (and therefor video) in addition to regular text and images. VOCAL will be suitable for podcasts, social audio and private voice messages as core features. We provide the ability to generate advanced smart audio files that can store value in the form of crypto tokens and other metadata encoded directly into the acoustic data of an audio or video file. This technology is called ODEOKEE.

VOCAL is a canvas for the various COVAL related components and will be our user accounts and authentication layer for any COVAL services that require it. VOCAL will contain COVAL integrations that will include tip bots, p2p markets/payments, cryptographic audio watermarking/steganography and digital token access/action controls.

An early custom built prototype webapp of VOCAL was also screencasted: